School Site Council (SSC)

Fremont's School Site Council (SSC) is a governing body of the school consisting of parents, teachers, the principal, and other school personnel. The School Site Council is the vehicle by which the school community comes together to develop a plan for student and school success. It provides a forum for all of the stakeholders in the school to come together to identify common goals and establish a plan to achieve these goals.
Fremont's SSC is comprised of a total of 10 members: 5 parents/community members, 3 teachers, 1 other school personnel, and 1 administrator.  
SSC meetings are typically on Wednesdays for an hour beginning at 2:45PM. There are typically 6 meetings per school year.  
Fremont School needs interested and committed parents to add to the team of School Site Council members. If you are interested in a two-year term, please contact our Special Projects office at (626) 943-3366.